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Middle School Career Speakers

By March 11, 2021Middle School

As part of the Middle School curriculum, students explore different careers and what they entail, including the education required, typical work environment, responsibilities, and location of jobs.  In addition to their research, every month the school hosts career speakers. This provides students with exposure to many different career paths, and also allows them the opportunity to ask questions and learn the “real story” behind different professions. The speaker is typically a current parent or friend of the school who shares information and insights about their profession. It’s a wonderful way for the speakers to inspire our students by talking about something they’re passionate about. 

Over the past few years, the students have learned about molecular biology, graphic design, pharmaceutical research, book publishing, finance and risk management, computer science, chemistry, the world of horse racing, and more! 

This week, Lisa Steinberg, parent of Kim in Middle School, spoke about her profession as a veterinarian. Did you know that while a medical doctor studies one species, humans, a veterinarian covers numerous species! The students learned that working with animals does come with some challenges and risks. Ms. Steinberg shared anecdotes of her experience of treating different kinds of animals, common ailments, behavioral health and recommended care. Students also learned how a career in veterinary medicine can transfer to working in the food industry (did you ever think about the chicken you were eating, and where it came from?) and also offers positions in the law profession as animal rights activists.

Students got to work on some “case studies” and pretend they were veterinarians. Ms. Steinberg shared Xrays and some interesting case studies of what the work of a veterinarian entails. One was a patient who brought her dog in and explained he was vomiting. After some investigative work, it was determined the dog had swallowed the owner’s cellphone! Another study was about a dog who was limping and had a severe bone fracture that required pins in his hip, similar to a human. Also, the class examined a case of a small cat that had eaten over 100 hair bands in her belly!
These one-hour career speaker talks really help to inspire our middle school students and pique their curiosity about different professions. If you are interested in sharing your time and speaking about your career with our middle school students, you may email Andrea OBrian at

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