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Ridgeview Conservancy

By December 20, 2022Middle School

Middle School Students Spend Time at Ridgeview Conservancy

Across the street from Montessori is one of the most remarkable historic sites in Princeton – hosting indigenous, African American, post-colonial and literary history. In addition, this land has the most exceptional ecological value in the area –  it has the top endangered species habitat, highest water quality, highest carbon resilience, and outstanding habitat connectivity value.

On a cold but sunny Monday afternoon, Middle School students crossed the road to the Ridgeview Conservancy woods to help clear some of the woods of the dreaded multi-flora rose.  They learned about the preserve’s rich history, as an important site for Lenape Native Americans. Helping restore the woods while learning in the fresh, crisp air.  What a great way to end the year!’

Our proximity to this history and the link to Ridgeview Woods Preserve makes Montessori distinct as its students can be on the cutting edge of saving habitats for endangered species and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by helping save our indigenous and African American ancestors.

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