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The A in STEAM

By April 20, 2023Middle School

Middle school students are currently working on a fascinating unit called The A in STEAM. This unit focuses on the intersection of technology and art and encourages our students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to design and code pieces of art using Sphero robots.

Our students are learning to code with Sphero robots, which are small, spherical robots that can be controlled through a mobile app. Using these robots, students are experimenting with different coding techniques and exploring the potential of technology as a tool for artistic expression.

In addition to coding and robotics skills, our students are also learning to work collaboratively and refine their ideas through feedback and critique. This unit emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, and iteration in the design process, as students work together to create something truly unique and innovative.

At our school, we believe in the importance of STEAM education, which integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math to provide a well-rounded and interdisciplinary approach to learning. We are proud to offer our students opportunities like The A in STEAM unit, which encourages them to explore the intersection of these fields and to develop their skills in creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

We cannot wait to see what our students will create in the coming weeks and months as they continue to work on this exciting project. We are confident that their creativity, curiosity, and dedication will lead to truly innovative and inspiring works of art!

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