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Faculty Spotlight

By November 3, 2020Primary

Meet Nuria Perez

Nuria joined Princeton Montessori School in 2014. This year, she’s a conference teacher in the Middle School and teaches IB MYP Design, Individuals & Societies, and Spanish.

What do you love about working with children?

Working with children is beautiful and rewarding. It’s a gift to watch them learn and it’s also fun because every day is a new experience. The best part for me is to share in their daily joy. It’s so rewarding to see the students’ eyes light up when they grasp a new concept or progress in their studies.

What drew you to Montessori?

I’m from Barcelona and the Montessori philosophy is highly acclaimed in Spain, along with the rest of Europe. The concept of personalizing education resonates with me because each child is unique. I love that the child learns through the environment and I’m fascinated by the autonomy that even the youngest children can achieve.

What’s one thing you’d like families to know about you?

I’m honored to play a role in helping the children to be independent and think for themselves. 


Nuria Perez received a BS in Sociology from the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain, a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing from New York University (NYU), and studied Montessori Philosophy and Child Development through the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.

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