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Primary Celebrates Fall

By November 23, 2021Primary

Fun Fall Works

The Primary children have been enjoying many seasonal activities and fall works.

As part of Native American history month, children enjoy exploring a scene of Great Plains Native Americans and laying out 3-part cards showing cultural aspects of Native Americans (wigwams, teepees, arrowheads, etc).

They read a delightful story about a Native American boy, Thunder Boy Jr., from the Primary Library.

Students practice napkin folding in preparation of special dinners, they complete Parts-of-a-Turkey booklets and weave colorful placemats.

Turkey work is always a favorite!

Students create Peace Books, writing about what makes them feel peaceful.

The children enjoy creating turkey artwork and learning the parts of the wild turkey in science. For creative writing, they write about what they are thankful for.

The Primary children soak up the fall colors on nature walks!

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