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Toddler Snapshot

By May 27, 2021Toddlers

Our Toddler program, designed for children from 18 months through 3 years, lays the foundation for the adult each child will become. Activities are purposefully designed to develop a sense of wonder, natural curiosity, motor skills, self-esteem, social skills, and cognitive processes.

Bolts Block  – In this activity, the child carries the work to the table and then turns the bolt counter-clockwise. When finished, they pick up the first nut and twist it back onto the screw and bolt. This develops independence, fine motor skills, and twisting motions.

Flower Arranging – The child puts the water into the pitcher and carries it to the table. Next, they slowly empty the pitcher with water into the vase and then retrieve a flower and place it into the vase.  This develops concentration, eye-hand coordination, independence, fine motor control, creativity, and decorating.

Glass Washing on the Door – This work has many steps. First, the child retrieves the spray and sprays the glass door two times.  Next, they use the squeegee and wipes the glass door from top to the bottom.  If the glass door is still wet, the child wipes the glass from top to bottom with a towel.

 Matching individual letters to the letters in a short vowel, 3 letter words – There are many steps to this work. Frist, the child carries the tray to the rug.  Then they remove the cards and place them in a column on the rug and next remove a letter from the box.  They matche the letter to the same letter on the card.  When all the letters are matched, they read the word! 

Language – Naming Objects/Identification – The child is learning the names of all the vegetables in the basket.  They love to retrieve each vegetable and line them up.  This is excellent for the expansion of her language.  Working with language cards, the child is able to name all the fruits. In addition, he is recognizing the initials sounds of the beginning letters of the word.  Language cards are an excellent way to expand vocabulary and promote conversation, such as about where the fruits grow and if they are sweet and juicy. 

The beautiful spring weather creates ample opportunity for outside learning and fun! And time to investigate the cicadas! Children collected, counted, examined, and even built a sandcastle for them in the sandbox.

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