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A True Community

By May 25, 2016Uncategorized
One of the wonderful things about our school is the opportunity for children of all ages to interact and mentor each other. Recently, during recess time, Elementary students, Humzah and Amna, gave the Tulip room children a jump rope demo!  Earlier this spring the 6th grade students helped the Primary children plant the garden outside their classroom.
IMG_8099   IMG_1692
Students often spend time with children in other programs. Ishrith and Gordon work on a writing project together and Natalie visits her old Primary classroom to read a story to the children.
Middle school students help out daily with dismissal, which leads to a special bond with the younger students. In the Spring, Primary third year children spend the day in Lower Elementary to see what the next level looks like. Kimberly is shown giving Lucian a Math lesson. And a favorite of 3rd year Primary and 3rd year Upper Elementary students are weekly meetings with their reading buddies!

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