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An outdoor space to attract birds and small wildlife

By February 15, 2017Uncategorized

IMG_2033 (1)Mrs Hammer and the Elementary students have been working hard to create a new outdoor space for learning. The area is between the Lower Elementary classroom and the lower parking lot. There is a new seating area and six Arborvitaes have been planted around the perimeter of the space as well as an oak tree. The students spent a lot of time in Ecology class talking about how to attract birds and wildlife to this new outdoor space.




In their Ecology binders they answered the question, “How do we attract birds and small mammals to our Princeton Montessori School backyard?”.  The students wrote many thoughtful observations. Here are some excerpts:


What we need to attract birds is a way to make them feel safe, trees that they like, food that they enjoy, and the resources to make a nest. This year we have planted 6 evergreen trees and one oak tree. The oak tree will not only attract birds, but also insects. The insects will make great food for the birds. When spring comes around, we will be able to plant bushes and flowers, which will make an even better habitat for the birds. ~ Lia


In conclusion almost all of the birds we studied ate insects and nuts, seeds and acorns. We planted 6 Arborvitaes and 1 oak tree so the birds will feel safe and have food and mostly have a place to make a home. We planted the oak because when you plant a tree you don’t just have a tree, it is like having a whole life cycle compacted into an oak tree. This coming spring we will be planting shrubs and flowers. ~ Tim

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