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Architecture – Designing a City

By July 20, 2016Uncategorized


DSC_6912 (1)In Elementary SummerQuest students worked collaboratively to design and create their own city, which they named “Montessori City”! As a group, they first identified many things that were needed in a city, such as roads, a police station, a fire station, schools, food stores, transportation and homes. Next, the students worked to organize the components within a defined space. This activity increased the students’ awareness of planning, while giving them an opportunity to express their interests and ideas using a creative design process.


Newspaper Fort Design: The students took structural design to a whole new level with Newspaper Fort Design! In this project, students used rolled up newspaper to create forts. 



Marshmallow Structure Design: In this activity, students learned more about gravity, engineering, and architecture in a fun and hands-on way.






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