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Art Across the Curriculum

By May 3, 2019Uncategorized

We invite you to stop by during the Spring Visit Days, or any day after dismissal, to view the beautiful work on display in the school hallways. Third Year Primary, Elementary and Middle School students have been exploring this year’s art theme, Art Across the Curriculum, in their weekly art classes. 

Each month the art projects focused on a different subject area. In connection with science, the Primary students studied the work of Gustav Klimt and his Tree of Life. Each student then created a Tree of Life, incorporating painting, drawing, and collage. Middle School students learned about the geometry of Islamic art and created tile work, and Lower Elementary was inspired by the natural beauty of slices of agate stone, creating collages after viewing many different agate slices, taking note of the contour lines that naturally occurred in many of them. Upper Elementary was introduced to the work of Kristin Farr, a contemporary artist who creates paintings based on the complex geometries of Pennsylvania hex signs.  They discussed the mathematical principles behind Farr’s designs and practiced ruler and compass skills to create their own pieces based on Farr’s work.

The Art classroom, known as the Imaginarium, is a beautiful space for the students to explore their creativity. Similar to other Montessori classrooms, the child-centric space exudes a sense of calm and order but on a larger scale. The studio is filled with natural light from the large windows that look out on the back property of the school. 



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