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Career Exploration

By September 12, 2018Uncategorized

As part of the Middle School curriculum, students explore different careers and what they entail, including the education required, typical work environment, responsibilities, and location of jobs.  As an addition to their research, we like to host career speakers to come in each month and share about a particular profession. It’s a wonderful way to inspire our students and also talk about something you are passionate about. Whatever your profession, the Middle School students would love to hear from you! 

Last year Middle School hosted career speakers where they learned about graphic design, pediatric dentistry, pharmaceutical research, book publishing, finance and risk management, molecular biology, computer science, veterinary medicine and chemistry. Quite a range of professions! Each speaker talked about their journey – what led them to choose their career, their education, pros and cons of their profession, and what their daily work is like. In addition, the students had an opportunity to do an activity or experiment, and also had time to ask questions.


Once again we are reaching out for your help! Please consider signing up by September 21st to be a “career speaker” and to come in for one presentation session. (Feel free to pass this invitation along to someone you know who might be interested in sharing about their profession, too. We would love to get some outside perspectives!) It’s only for one hour and a great way to share your expertise and experiences, as well as inspire passion in our Middle School students.

All sessions are from 8:30 – 9:30 AM

Click here to sign up to be a Career Speaker.

Click here for a career speaker outline, to guide your presentation.



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