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Catching up with Daniel Soper, 2013

By November 2, 2016Uncategorized

12274183_971697782886397_5120822631378080032_n-1Daniel Soper, alumnus from 2013, is currently in his senior year at Montgomery High School. He began his years at Princeton Montessori School in the toddler program and left when he graduated from 8th grade.

(L-R: Daniel Soper ‘13 and Tim Soper ‘10)


Daniel writes:

It’s been such a long time since I last visited Princeton Montessori yet it feels like nothing has changed. I actually got to meet up with some PMonts classmates recently and it stirred up all the great memories we’d all accumulated in our years with Montessori.


School for me this year, despite currently seeming like it revolves around the college application process, is not only about making a smooth transition into college, but also about giving back to the MHS community that has served me so well and I’ve actually had the opportunity to do that in a three significant ways this year.


As a peer leader, I get the chance to help the incoming freshmen adjust themselves to the high school as well as have time with them every other week to go over many of the social and educational challenges that may face them. I was also fortunate enough to be elected by my peers to be the Vice President of MHS’s Student Council. Here, I get the chance to help organize many of the events to raise school spirit and contribute to the caring environment that embraced me as a freshmen. Lastly, I was recently honored to be elected as Vice President of Montgomery’s National Honors Society. This club not only stands for academic achievement within Montgomery, but also recognizes contributions to school and the wider community. Within this club I get to help organize tutors for students who are having trouble with their classes in addition to spearheading many community service projects.


Both Montessori and Montgomery have helped contribute to the person and leader I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. Now I can’t help but feel twinges of sadness as the hard good-byes I once had to say to great teachers and friends at Montessori is once again fast approaching.

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