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Changing Seasons

By November 30, 2018Uncategorized

Primary through Middle School children gathered together to celebrate our second School Spirit Day of the year. School Spirit Days are joyous celebrations which spiral our awareness from self to our community, to our school, and ultimately connect us to the wondrous earth which we all inhabit. Our theme this year is observation of the changing of the seasons, lessons we can learn from nature, and the wisdom we can apply to strengthen ourselves and our school community.

The Level 3 Upper Elementary students, supported by Mrs. Hammer and Mr. Mitnick, were the stars of the event. They were responsible for the initial setting of the stage by leading the school in a centering meditation. Drawing on their experience from their Tuned-In classes, they spoke with great ease and confidence, drawing the huge room full of participants to be attentive, calm, and receptive. Their words created a great sense of peace at the beginning of our event.

The students performed a moving play about hibernation and the powerful gift of friendship. Our voices were joined in singing lullabies for the animals who sleep through the winter and a song about the coming of winter. The celebration helped us to acknowledge that we are moving deeper into a year full of learning and importance of friendship. The days are getting shorter and the winter weather will force us to live and learn more closely together. Each day we come together, we become more than just classrooms and individuals, we become a peaceful caring community of friends ready to have a great winter full of learning and sharing.


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