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Classroom Makeover

By September 22, 2016Uncategorized

This past summer, Upper Elementary received a renovation of environment, and an investment in new curriculum and faculty development. Included in this endeavor were:

– new student reading nooks
– new tables and chairs ergonomically and developmentally designed for this age
– new teacher work space to maximize the student work area
– additional Montessori Elementary materials
– the addition of an all wall white board and magnetic board
– better positioning for our Apple TVs for educational use
– hidden trash and recycling to offer more student work space
– beautiful new art work
– painting and deep carpet cleaning
– a complete clean out of books and resources

Technology in Elementary Education Conference attendance


We thank our 2015-16 Wants-n-Wishes donors for making this possible, as well as the teachers, facilities team, and parent, Vivian Scherer, who helped as our architecture and design consultant. If you haven’t checked out Upper Elementary this year, stop by for a quick look see!


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