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Social / Emotional Learning (SEL) Development

By November 11, 2021Uncategorized

Bridget Manley, Upper Elementary conference teacher and SEL Facilitator, supports the Primary through Middle School programs with friendships and other important emotional health topics.

This fall she will be working with the Primary classrooms on the topics of grace and courtesy and the use of manners. She will also be working with the Elementary programs on friendship skills as well as other character development-related topics, such as problem-solving, anger management, and communication skills. Mrs. Manley’s work will provide Middle School students with informal and scaffolding opportunities to process and manage the ever-changing social dynamics of early adolescence. The totality of this work will focus on building and maintaining positive interpersonal connections across all programs.

Mrs. Manley recently visited the Primary classrooms to read the book “Emily’s Everyday Manners”. After reading the book and discussing manners, she left the book in the classroom library for a week for the children to enjoy.

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