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Happy Valentine’s Day!

By February 3, 2022Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day is Monday, February 14th

TODDLER: Teachers will recognize Valentine’s Day during the children’s snack time.  There will not be a valentine exchange in the Toddler program.

PRIMARY: Children should bring in one handmade Valentine card for reading at the Valentine’s Day celebration.  The Valentine should express the child’s feelings of love for his/her family, school, teachers, animals or friends, etc.  Students do not exchange Valentine cards. (Please don’t send in any candy or items for other children) 

LOWER ELEMENTARY: Children are invited to exchange Valentine cards, either handmade or purchased, with all of their classmates–there are 26 children in the classroom.  Children should sign their cards, but not address them to specific children. Individually packaged snacks are welcome.


UPPER ELEMENTARY: Students celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing compliments and acknowledgements with each other in their community meeting. They will share a special community treat, but students do not exchange Valentine cards.

MIDDLE SCHOOLMiddle school will acknowledge Valentine’s Day with an activity during class. Students do not exchange Valentine’s cards.

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