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LE Students Learn about the Lenape People

By November 19, 2018Uncategorized

Lower Elementary students took a field trip to the Churchville Nature Center, a facility of the Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation. The nature center provides an ideal setting for an outdoor component to our classroom curriculum. The dedicated staff members all share a deep commitment to the preservation of the quality of life for all living things on earth. The students learned about the life of the Lenape people through a hands-on, living history program. Because of the wet weather, the staff brought in the materials from the village and presented them to the children. They learned about the types of clothing that the Lenape wore, how they built their huts, and how they hunted. They felt animal pelts and reflected upon how the Native Americans were very thankful for the gifts of the animals. The students also met several live animals at the center: a bearded dragon, a snake, a turtle, and a skink. The students tried out Lenape games, such a throwing a feathered corn cob through a hoop and playing a stone counting game. They also played a fun game where the children needed to walk very quietly to see if they could sneak up on the “deer” – like “red light, green light”.  After the presentation and lunch they ended the day with a short walk on a trail. They even saw animal tracks in the snow! Find out more about Churchville Nature Center.

Trained educators dressed in authentic buckskin presented the students with a hands-on experience. The Center strives to be historically accurate in outfits, structures and information.






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