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Lower Elementary is an exciting place to be!

By February 3, 2017Uncategorized

The Lower Elementary years see the development of social awareness, language transition, and collaborative learning. Each day is a new adventure!


The Lower Elementary program supports this new developmental phase filled with wonder, interest, and active enthusiasm. By sparking imagination and following a student’s passion, teachers create an environment that allows children to thrive academically as well as develop a sense of belonging in the classroom and school community.

Recently the Primary 3rd year students visited the classroom to attend a Solar System Exhibition.  The LE students each chose a part of the solar system to research and create a display about.  When the Primary students visited, they enjoyed the chance to be the teachers and to share what they had learned.
A favorite activity in Lower Elementary is “playing store.” Children receive lessons about money – who is on the bills and coins, how to add money, how to make change – and then they create their own stores with goods for sale.  When the stores are all ready, they have a wonderful time using play money to go “shopping.”  



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