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Lunch Programs Available

By June 24, 2016Uncategorized

imgresSmart Lunches
Daily delivery 

Smart Lunches offers nutritionally-balanced meals that you can enjoy in a reliable and convenient manner. Hot and coldlunches are delivered every day. The menu includes a wide selection from chicken fingers to salads, wraps and pizza, plus a variety of snacks and drinks for all-day nourishment. Fresh fruits and vegetables are included with every lunch. There is even a 100% nut-free menu. You can learn more at

How to Sign Up for those new to Smart LunchesVisit to set up your account. For school, please select SummerQuest at Princeton Montessori. 
If you have a pre-existing Smart Lunches account, you will be prompted to update your profile when you log on. SelectSummerQuest at Princeton Montessori as the school. 
brickfarmmarketBrick Farm Market (BFM)
Tuesday – Friday delivery
Brick Farm Market offers local, healthy, and flavorful lunch choices with an emphasis on a true “Farm to Table” ideology and sustainable and humane ingredient sourcing. Hot and cold lunches are delivered to the school Tuesday through Friday (no BFMlunch delivery on Monday). You will enjoy lunches from BFM and you will feel good knowing the care and attention that went into it every step of the way. Selections include gluten free, vegetarian, grass fed beef, and natural and free roaming chicken. You can learn more at
How to Sign Up for Brick Farm Lunches
1. Create an account as a buyer at
2. Enter child’s name(s) in description field.
3. To navigate to the ordering page, click on “Your Profile”, then “School Orders,” and then click the green “Brick Farm Healthy Lunches” tab. (Or click here for the direct link)
4. Select lunches that correspond to the day(s) of the coming week that you would like your child to receive a lunch (up to 4 lunches can be ordered per child per week, TuesdayFriday)
5. Orders must be placed on a weekly basis, no later than Sunday at 10pm for each week. 


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