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Middle School students reflect..

By April 21, 2016Uncategorized

I love Princeton Montessori Middle School because…

  • It is a great place

  • My friends are kind to one another

  • I know the expectations

  • The teachers support me with my homework if I have trouble

  • The classes are small

  • My mom works here and I get to see her everyday


My favorite thing to learn is…

  • Science

  • History

  • Art

  • Fitness

  • Math

  • When we learn with hands-on activities


A Montessori classroom is…

  • A great place to learn

  • Hands-on lessons and small group lessons

  • Friendly and open

  • Flexible

  • A place where I feel safe

  • Organized

  • A fun working place


How would you describe our program to a teacher in another level?

  • We have group, hands-on learning opportunities

  • It utilizes hands-on and interactive learning to make independent student

  • It is very hands on

  • It is a very nice place to be.  The teachers are very nice and understanding.


When I enter Humanities the first thing I do is…

  • Sit down and read Miss Pinciotti’s board for what we will do that day

  • Look at the board and prepare for class

  • Copy down my work to do for the day


Looking back on my middle school years I will remember …

  • The great friends I have made

  • The interactive experiences

  • How I laughed with my friends

  • All of my great friends and the memories I made with them

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