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Middle School Theater Workshop

By January 11, 2022Uncategorized
As part of our Middle School curriculum, each year the students participate in a week-long theatre workshop culminating in a performance for family and friends. This year they did things a little differently!
The students started practicing in December and during Theater Week, they spent the majority of their time staging the play and creating and working with props. In lieu of a live performance, MS produced a movie version of MmmBeth – a modern and funny take on Shakespeare’s classic written by Allison Williams and distributed by Theatrefolk. The students learned about cinematography, storyboarding, lighting, sound design, costume design, prop and set creation, and more with Mr. Mitnick. They spent the entire week memorizing, rehearsing, filming, and editing. Students used iMovie to edit their production complete with sound effects and original music! 
While we hope to create a fantastic final product, the ultimate goal for this week is for every student to participate in the creative process and be directly involved with all the elements of the production. The inclusive and supportive environment is designed to allow students to express themselves freely, contribute creatively, and enjoy the process of bringing a play to life! Enjoy the movie!

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