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Middle School Theater Workshop

By January 19, 2023Uncategorized
As part of our Middle School curriculum, each year the students participate in a week-long theatre workshop culminating in a performance for family and friends. 
During “Theater Week,” students spend the majority of their time staging the play and creating and working with props. The opportunity to be involved in the production and to present the play to fellow students and parents is a great way to build confidence and public speaking skills. This year’s production was Circus Olympus by Lindsay Price, produced by special arrangement with Theaterfolks.
The play centers on a motley group of circus performers, The Greek Geeks, who love to act out the ancient myths of gods and goddesses. From the story of Hades and Persephone to the bravery of Perseus in slaying the fearsome Gorgon Medusa, many of the stories are familiar ones, but the Greek Geeks give them their own special twist.

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