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Montessori for Generations

By December 8, 2015Uncategorized

We are delighted that many of our alums are now parents of our current students. They are excited to be able to offer their children some of the benefits they received when they themselves were students during the early years of the school.

Do stop them to ask about their experiences when you see them.

Pictured L to R:Tracey (Spinner) Baskin, Matt Weber and Shin-Yi Lin, Tae and Jeff Richmond-Moll, Nicole (Kaduson) Cannon, Maggie (Chung) Winterhof, and Cindy (Stencel) Betz. Not pictured, Caroline (Perkins) Scriven.

We hope many more of our alums will be able to say that they, too, are parents of current students in future years.

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