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Montessori in Turkey

By August 1, 2018Uncategorized

Princeton Montessori Primary teacher and PCTE instructor, Ayla Sen, presented a four-day workshop in Turkey on the Philosophy and Practices of Montessori. An article appeared in the a Turkish newspaper along with these photos.

Princeton Teacher Training Center, one of the leading Montessori educational centers in America, has held a four-day workshop on ‘Philosophy and Practices of Montessori’ at Hacetttepe University.

Faculty members and students from different universities attended the workshop in Ankara. “The knowledge of Montessori and the Montessori system is increasing,” said Ayla Şen, Principal MontessorSchool Early Childhood Program Coordinator Ayla Şen. She gave the participants information about the Montessori education system and the use of concrete materials in the classroom. Providing this type of workshop “has increased the number of Montessori Schools providing education in Turkey.”


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