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Montessori Journey & Discovery

By October 26, 2017Uncategorized
Recently parents had two exceptional education opportunities here at school. Infant, Toddler and Primary parents were invited to attend “Montessori in the Home”. They were given suggestions on how to allow their child to have freedom within limits, and techniques for bringing this into the spaces around their home to develop and nurture a healthy independence in their child. The presenters, Ms. Saad and Mrs. Procaccini, received this lovely note after the presentation:


Dear Sue and Alona,

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for today’s presentation.


It was fantastic: I learned so much and it was a pleasure to see what a wonderful team you two are. I definitely realized that I need to be more consistent about various things at home; I also need some command hooks (among other things!). Good to know that command hooks can accompany one all the way to college! I so appreciated all the ideas about how to incorporate toddlers into daily chores and routines. It will be fun to implement your advice.


Warm wishes, Cecily


Last weekend parents and Faculty enjoyed an afternoon of learning hands-on just what makes a Montessori education amazing when they attended “MONTESSORI CURRICULUM EXPLAINED! A Dynamic First-hand Experience for parents”.  The group started in the infant center and moved program by program, observing the features of the environment with guided instruction and completing student work laid out by the teacher.  Lead teachers explained the science behind each material and approach.  Parents who attended were pleased to learn more about the benefits of a Montessori education!



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