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Multicultural Art

By October 30, 2017Uncategorized


Each year ten pieces of artwork are selected and professionally framed. The artists are our own students, ages 6-14, who have created colorful, eye-catching art work of differing mediums in their art classes with Carole Golcher. The pieces comprise our REFLECTIONS collection which will be on display at Princeton Hospital on the 5th floor pediatric unit for many people to enjoy.


The theme of this years collection is Multicultural ArtArt is expressed in many ways. This year’s theme helped us appreciate the uniqueness of different cultures. One of the best ways to understand and appreciate a culture is by seeing and understanding its art.  Cultural art can be based on geography or history and of course the ways of the people.  Our​ young​ artists are gaining a better knowledge of how history and culture can influence the visual art of the time and​ they are ​experiencing varied media, technique​s​, and process​es​ related to ​this work.




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