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Working to improve the footprint of our school

By September 6, 2018Uncategorized

Princeton Montessori School’s Environmental Committee is excited to announce that we have committed to becoming an Eco-School through the National Wildlife Federation! The Environmental Committee is comprised of faculty, parents, and students, and was formed last year to study the ways that the school can become more eco-conscious.

As part of our investigation, we studied recycling, waste, electricity usage, water conservation and use, composting, and more within our school.  As a result of our information gathering, we have decided to focus on consumption and waste to reduce the footprint of our school, to help us recognize our responsibility to the earth, and to promote the health of our planet and our bodies.  

One of our focuses this coming year is to work toward waste-free lunches, including increasing compost, working to eliminate trash, and recycling.  One way you can help with this effort is to increase the use of reusable containers, utensils, bottles, napkins, lunch bags/boxes, etc. that are brought to school.  This is a great opportunity to involve your children in the practical life skills of washing napkins, putting utensils in the dishwasher, etc! We’re hoping to reduce the amount of trash and recycling that meals create.  Middle School students, in conjunction with the Environmental Committee, are excited that they will be reaching out to the programs to talk about the importance of waste reduction and reuse of materials.  As part of our IB program, students are engaged in service learning, and this is an important component in their leadership development.

We will also be working to reduce energy use throughout the school and we will be creating an Eco Code for the community.  We will keep you updated as our efforts progress. Thanks so much for your help in making our school and planet healthier and embracing this essential Montessori principle of stewardship to the earth!

Some suggestions on waste-free lunch items:

Green Design in Princeton has most or all of these items – 42 Witherspoon Street

Etee wrap (use as plastic wrap)

**Larger sizes of food items (yogurt, Goldfish/Cheddar Bunnies, etc) use less packaging and are generally cheaper.


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