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School Spirit Day Celebration

By April 13, 2017Uncategorized

School Spirit Days are joyous celebrations of our community and our school.


Primary through Middle School children gathered together to celebrate our final School Spirit Day of the year. It was culmination of this year’s theme, The Cycle of Life.  Mrs. Hammer created a beautiful May Pole that represented the cycle of life, starting with the stars (birth), followed by vines (growth), red flowers (maturity), and finally the long ribbons (collapse).
During the assembly Mrs. Hammer\ reminded the students of where we began in September when we were thinking about the wonderful possibilities for growth in each of us for the school year. During our second School Spirit Day celebration we gathered to acknowledge that Princeton Montessori School is a magical place to learn and grow.  Students sang songs, performed skits, and shared poems to bring the community together and explore ideas of physical, mental and spiritual growth. Our third School Spirit day focused on kindness to others and we were treated to reflections, songs, and symbolic demonstrations of the power of love, friendship, and inclusion.  Our final gathering was about endings and changes and beginning again in the Cycle of Life.  
The Lower Elementary students danced around the Maypole in celebration of spring. The students ducked under and over their classmates’ ribbons until their ribbons were woven all the way down the pole.



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