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School Spirit Day Celebration

By February 8, 2017Uncategorized

School Spirit Days are joyous celebrations of our community and our school.


During the recent School Spirit Day assembly we continued with this year’s theme, The Cycle of Life. The focus was on kindness to others and we were treated to an hour of reflections, song, and symbolic demonstrations of the power of love, friendship, and inclusion, all with a Valentine’s and Princeton Montessori School touch. 
The children from Primary to Middle School decorated wood blocks which were used liked giant dominoes and spiraled into the shape of our new logo.  What fun that it performed it’s domino collapse with such perfection and spark.  It was just amazing and one of a kind, illustrating the ripple effect of kindness. Click below to watch a video of the collapse!


The community marched out, hand in hand, matching the beat of our hearts to the joyous drumming of Middle Schoolers, wishing each other, as Valentine’s Day approaches, health, peace, and love.






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