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School Spirit Day

By February 4, 2016Uncategorized

In the February School Spirit Day we celebrated the season of winter, focusing on evergreen trees, snowflakes, and the mandala snowflakes the children had created.  We spoke of how the originality in each snowflake is like the individuality of each of us. With soft, winter lights aglow, we spoke of the inner light in winter time, both in our homes and in ourselves.

Primary through Middle School gathered together in shared song, dancing, and poetry. While listening to quotes from Henry David Thoreau, we watched a slide show of winter in nature scenes compiled by Middle Schoolers.  To the great delight of the Primary children, we danced and sang “This little light of mine”.

Everyone then circled around the twinkling of candle lights and joined our voices in a joyful rendition of Edelweiss. We were reminded that in the stark contrast of the the stillness of winter, we have an inner light. A force which we can trust will emerge in our learning, creativity, and friendships, just as we can trust the sap that is beginning again to awaken the trees for this coming spring!







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