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School-Wide Community Service Event

By October 8, 2018Uncategorized

The Parent Association’s Community Service Committee is pleased to announce that the first community service project of the 2018-19! This year we will be holding a school-wide diaper drive to support The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank in helping babies, parents and families in need. This is a perfect way for Princeton Montessori School give back to the community. The drive will run through October 31st.

Today, one in three families cannot afford the cost of diapers. Food assistance programs such as food stamps and WIC do not cover the cost of diapers for families in need. As parents, we know how expensive the diapering years are, and for families with limited resources the cost of diapers can truly be a burden. When families cannot afford clean diapers they are forced to make the unthinkable choice between providing food or diapers. Diaper need prevents children from attending school and forces parents to miss work. Without options the reuse of diapers can become a reality which can lead to staph infections and other serious health problems in babies and children. 


Our PMonts Diaper Drive offers a unique opportunity to help families who are in need. Your donation could be store bought or even diapering supplies that your family no longer needs. Diaper donations help homeless families, families displaced by natural disasters like storms and hurricanes, and families living on the brink of poverty. Our school diaper drive will help support the efforts of The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank (GPDB). Since March 2011, GPDB has distributed more than 2,040,000 diapers because they believe that every one of us – babies, children and adults – deserve to be clean and dry, and we couldn’t agree more! 
Drop boxes will be located at the Infant/Toddler Entrance and the Main Entrance throughout the month of October for your convenience.
Donation Suggestions by Program:
(Please note all diapering supplies are welcome including partially used diaper packs):
  • Infant: Newborn and Sizes 1 
  • Toddler: Diapers Sizes 2, 3 & 4
  • Primary: Larger Sized Diapers 5, 6 & Pull-ups
  • Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary: Pull-ups & Baby wipes
  • Middle School: Baby Wipes 
Diaper donations can also be made through Amazon and shipped directly to our school:
Princeton Montessori School
Attn: Community Service Committee
If you have any questions please contact Alescia Dingle & Desiree ReitknechtParent Association Community Service Committee Co-Chairs




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