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Spanish Class

A look at Elementary and Middle School

Se habla español

Students at Princeton Montessori School have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a consolidated and consistent way from Primary through 8th grade, as Lower School teacher, Olga Soto, and Upper School teacher, Nuria Perez, work hand in hand in creating a dynamic progression to second language mastery using best practices and the latest research in language acquisition education.  Both recently attended an NJAIS session on teaching languages to children and have implemented the ideas presented there, evident in these recent learning experiences.
Lower Elementary students have fun reading a Spanish book, playing Bingo to review their numbers in Spanish, playing a matching game and practicing their writing skills in Spanish.
Upper Elementary students ask their peers questions in Spanish and create a charts of the answers. They also read a dialogue in Spanish in front of the class to practice their pronunciation and reading comprehension and well as public speaking!
The 6th grade students receive a picture and break into groups to act out a scene with Spanish dialogues. The rest of the group has to guess what pictures they were interpreting.
7th and 8th graders create their own avatar using a Spanish website and also put together presentations about themselves.
For both projects, they work entirely in Spanish, using all the grammar and vocabulary they have learned.

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