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Sleeptime Hero

By March 26, 2018Uncategorized
Primary, Elementary, and Middle School classrooms welcomed a special visitor. Alumnus Matt Lynch is now a published author and he made sure that Princeton Montessori School was the first stop on his book tour. He credits his passion for writing with the encouragement and lessons he received while he attended our school for eleven years from ages three to 14. After graduating from Middle School in 2006, Matt attended The Lawrenceville School (’10) and Haverford College (’14).
His book, Sleeptime Hero, is inspired by a doctor for whom he worked as his first job post-college. She was alarmed at the lack of sleep she noticed children experiencing and she asked Matt if he would write a story that made sleep a positive and not a negative state of being. The book highlights the power of sleep to a child’s body and brain and children easily identify with the hero, Sam, as he begins to realize all the good that can come from a good night’s sleep. The students were interested in finding out from Matt what he remembers from his time as a student here (ski trips, the operettas, the golden bead work, science classes, and doing his public speaking assignment on making pizza, to name but a few), as well as how he became an author and how he selected an illustrator. Matt kindly donated a signed copy of his book to each of the seven classes he visited. 

You can order Sleeptime Hero on Amazon (The book is recommended for ages 2-7). 

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