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Staying Connected

By April 15, 2020September 22nd, 2020Remote Learning, Uncategorized

Montessori at Home


Please keep sharing pictures and ideas with us. Your creativity and ingenuity are amazing! It has been great to see and hear how things are going as we continue this remote learning experience.


Toddler Gavin has fun doing his bunny pom-pom work! 



Primary student Maya is busy with sight word sentence work while Mila focuses on her math work.

Lucas helps make cookies and repot a plant.
Max hunts for Easter eggs and helps wash the car.
Aaryav is doing volcano work, learning about birds, and practicing yoga with Mrs Connors – African animal poses!

Ajeer tending to his chia sprouts and riding his scooter.

Jack celebrates his 5th birthday with a walk around the sun.

Oliver is very pleased with his Africa map. He also gave his toddler sister, Evie, a lesson on number quantity association. Hard at work doing addition with his finger board.
Max works on his goals, sentence scramble, cutting paper for basket weaving and doing Multiplication bead board!!
Ava helps out washing dishes, she and her brother make a volcano, and Jack practices his letters in the sand.

Morgan and Stella help out in the kitchen and Morgan doing her Number Roll.

Vincent cleans the kitchen floor, helps with dinner by cutting onions, and does a LE Science experiment. 

Eva does a trick word bingo test run. She also had a good lesson on exchanging units for tens, tens for hundreds and hundreds for thousands and proudly displays her stamp game results. 

In the videos below: TJ does banana work and Anishka interacts with the Spanish video.

















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