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Staying Together While Staying Apart

By May 7, 2020September 22nd, 2020Remote Learning, Uncategorized

Montessori at Home


Thank you for all the photos and videos – Please keep sharing!

It is great to stay connected with pictures and video as we continue this remote learning experience.



The students participated in many May Day activities!  Vinay and Lila picked a beautiful bouquet and made flower “perfume”. Toddler Gavin gathered violets – his mother’s and grandmother’s favorite flowers. Stella and Morgan created flower crowns and many other May Day creations.


Upper Elementary student, Jia, and her family contribute regularly to a great local organization called Neighbor in Need. Jia and her younger sister, Arya, responded to a call to make thank you cards for healthcare workers. They made a whole bunch of them and dropped them off. Jia was absolutely delighted to see a heartfelt response from the healthcare worker and his family who said a public thank you on our local FB township group of over 10,000 members – it’s wonderful for our students to see that they can make a positive difference in other people’s lives during these unprecedented times.

Primary student Arjun solves Addition problems with his Magnet Cubes.

Mrs. Sami gives Teagan a one-on-one lesson with the Montessori stamp game. 
Primary student Stella washes her safari animals, works with nomenclature 3-part cards, and uses apples to experiment with fractions.
Skylar shows her lifecycle of dandelions work and does the short chain. 
Gavin is a very busy artist!
Ajeer is sponge painting with stencils and pin-punching an umbrella shape.
During UE Social Time with Mrs. Eser students make pizza!  They learned about the history of pizza, watched a video on how to make pizza, and then made their own pizza. 

Elementary AfterSchool has a lesson buoyancy and completes many projects related to the weekly theme – endangered animals.

Max enjoys his spring artwork project.
Max’s mom read a story during the zoom class.



















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