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Staying Connected During Remote Learning

Staying Together While Staying Apart

Montessori at Home


Thank you for all the photos and videos – Please keep sharing!

It is great to stay connected with pictures and video as we continue this remote learning experience.


The Sunflower Room welcomes Mayzie’s new baby brother, Shephard!
Nicky plants vegetables and applys what he learned in Mrs. Hammer’s Biology Class.
6th graders work on a prototype for a Rube Goldberg challenge. They’ve moved on from blueprinting to prototype to testing.
Amrritha and her mom made a battleship game using the periodic table as grids. Amrritha enjoys “hitting” and “sinking” different elements. She enjoyed her lesson on making a solar oven with Mrs. Hammer.  She “baked” chocolate tarts with digestive biscuits as the base and chocolate chips as the filling.

Primary student Arjun completes his Hundred Board using washers and practices composing Short Vowel words.

Scarlett celebrates her third birthday on Zoom with her Toddler Friends!

Gavin works on watering the plants, color matching with pom poms, and flower arranging.

Max decorates cookies, washes his trike, and explores the creek.

Ajeer works 1:1 with Mrs. Vikram. They work on geometric solids and he shows her his cylinder (the tube), the cube and the sphere (his sphere cereal!!)

In the classroom 3rd years often read during circle time, so why not continue to do the same during our Zoom circles?  3rd year, Maya read to the Rose Room. She selected the book, Silly Sally, and practiced it ahead of time.  She was very excited to read to the class and everyone loved it!

The Elementary Social Group with Mrs. Eser talked about animals last week. Their project was to either write a paragraph or share a drawing of an animal.  The students shared via the screen the pictures they drew or other animal creations.  June made an elephant sculpture. Then we played an animal quiz game on Kahoot, which everyone really enjoyed!
Gavin does a great job with water work.
TJ’s mom read to the class during Zoom time.




















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