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Staying Together While Staying Apart

By April 23, 2020September 22nd, 2020Remote Learning, Uncategorized

Montessori at Home


Please keep sharing pictures and ideas with us. It is so nice to stay connected with pictures and video as we continue this remote learning experience.


Toddler student, Skylar, had fun making play dough. He kneaded it and spent time exploring it.

Anishka and Anayra help out at home with the food preparation. 

Foster‘s Dad read a story in the Tulip Room morning circle. Orlando finished the Lego fire station all by himself – 509 pieces in 10 days.
Defne keeps busy with choosing work and preparing for National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey.
Faraz works with the Tens board and listens to Ms Sabuhi’s reading of “Make way for Ducklings”, noting the beginning sounds of the baby ducks.

Lower Elementary student, Vincent, enjoys doing the Hug-Poem Work.

Adhya sews her own masks!

Lower Elementary student, Eva, is working on a triangle puzzle, trying to make a sum of 10 on each side where two triangles touch each other. 

Toddler, Bernat, created the planet earth with play dough and happily shared with his class via zoom. He loves books about planets and he likes going out at night to watch the stars and the moon. He came up with the idea of creating the planet earth all by himself.

Max does his bunny gluing work and jumps in some rain puddles with his sister!


Vinay’s choice works, including baking chocolate chip cookies! He is working on a board game extension for the game Clue that he plays with his family.

Anamitra spends some time reading, Teagan has fun adding numbers using the stamp game and Sabi makes a robot – see her video below!

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