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Students investigate a new farm property

By October 26, 2016Uncategorized


As part of their Farm-to-School experience Middle school students went to visit the site of the upcoming Cherry Valley Co-op, where Alec Gioseffi is building a farm and wellness center.  Students walked the 100-acre property, making observations about the land and the water and they used a wooden A-frame to measure areas of equal elevation.  Mr. Gioseffi talked about soil health and water management and he will follow up with more detail in an in-class lesson. In the meantime, students are thinking about how they would plant a new farm, given the constraints of water and the topography of the land. Find out more about Cherry Valley Cooperative.
Princeton Montessori School has been working with local farmers to bring nutrition and food cycle education to our students, give kids hands on experiences on a farm, and build farm to school connections for our families.

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