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Summer Adventure Time

By July 11, 2019Uncategorized

Students of all ages are enjoying a summer of discovery!

Our infants and toddlers are discovering and experiencing who they are. Work and play go hand-in-hand, indoors and outdoors! The toddlers are learning about insects and happily collaborate with their friends creating art with new mediums. Students at all levels love Water Play days!

Primary students are learning about herbs and making fascinating discoveries in the garden.  They planted an entirely new vegetable garden and also expanded their herb garden. In the greenhouse, they are enjoying seeing their green bean plants grow from seeds.

They also celebrated the Fourth of July with their annual parade. 

The elementary summer students are exploring world cultures. They have investigated the unique animals and art of Australia, making aboriginal bark paintings and a watercolor coral reef.  The next area of study was Ecuador. The students made a mural of the Galapagos that included the giant tortoise and marine iguanas. They also made paper mache tortoises and giant macaw birds. 

The students participate in Spanish lessons each Thursday. Clara Soto visited the class to cook arepas, a traditional South American dish. They students created passports to record their “visits” to each country. They include the flag of Australia and Ecuador so far. 

Besides travel, the summer schedule allows time for practical life activities like lemonade making, spice grinding and food preparation. Learning to sew is also a popular activity and every child had a chance to make a felt koala bear after we learned about Australian koalas.



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