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Summer Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

By July 9, 2020Uncategorized


Primary SummerQuest students are dropped off and picked up in the semi-circle. In the morning parents will need to unbuckle and assist their child in and out of the car. (This is an effort to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.) At morning arrival, we are asking parents to exit their car, unbuckle their child from the car seat, and stand next to them outside the car to await a temperature check. Once the temperature screen is complete, you are free to depart. We are no longer having children gather on the benches outside. Instead, children will go directly inside to join their class. The teachers will be waiting inside to greet them and help them put away their lunch-boxes and their personal belongings. At dismissal, your child will be walked to your car, but we ask parents to once again please exit your car and help to buckle your child into his or her car seat. 
Watch a short arrival video
Watch a short dismissal video
Sometimes, the arrival and dismissal process can go slowly. Please have patience! Know we are doing our best to ensure the children are walked out safely and in an orderly fashion. Please do not drive around any cars stopped in the circle. This is very dangerous! It may take a minute or two for some children to get buckled into their car seats.
Parents of children with a sibling in Toddler we will be escorting your Primary child to the Toddler area, so you can pick up both children at the same time. We hope this makes the process more convenient for families with children in both programs.


Toddler students are greeted outside the Toddler entrance:
Toddler students are dismissed outside the Toddler entrance:


Thank you for your patience. As we continue to welcome our students this week, and throughout the summer, we will always be assessing how to best accommodate the necessary COVID-19 related modifications while still ensuring an engaging and joyful experience for your child. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

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