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The Great Lessons

By September 28, 2016Uncategorized

In the Upper Elementary classroom, the oldest students continued the tradition of taking what they have learned from the Great Lessons and interpreting it in a dramatic story. Throughout their elementary years they have studied the Formation of the Earth and Life on Earth.  The students created a play based on what they have learned and presented it to the younger elementary children.

This year, the third levels gave it their all and told the story from the “Book of Rocks” (Geology) about how the Earth was formed and how many elements and forces of nature worked together to create the foundation for Life.  Students incorporated drama, art, and the key concepts in Biology and Physical Science, to illustrate the main parts using fun costumes and props as well.  Jello served as the first cytoplasm and a small sniff of ammonia helped the younger students get an idea of what the atmosphere may have smelled like at one time. Each year, the students get to use their imagination and creativity to interpret these scientific stories for themselves.

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