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The Power of Peace

By September 19, 2019Uncategorized

The Middle School students lead our first School Spirit Day of the year. Students and teachers in the Elementary and Middle School programs broke into small groups for community building activities. The group members got to know each other by playing two games about their names and their preferences for various things.  It was a great way for students in other programs to get to know and interact with each other. Primary students will join these assemblies later in the year.

Following the activities everyone returned to the Crescendo room and Mr. Mitnick lead everyone in singing “The Power of Peace” (from “The Montessori Story”), “Leading the Way” and the school song. There was also a preview of the release of Mr. Mitnick’s new music video, The Power of PeaceAMS will be releasing this video on Saturday, September 21 for International Peace Day (

“The Power Of Peace” In 1939, at the age of 69, Dr. Montessori fled Europe and the horrors of war for the second time finding refuge in India. Living in exile for seven years, Maria embraced Indian culture, trained hundreds of teachers and found a close ally in her mission to end war for good and bring peace to the world by educating children. Maria first met Mahatma Gandhi in London when he spoke at her training center. He told her, “We are members of the same family”. And she famously replied, “I bring you the greetings of the children!” Together they would go on to spread their message of peace through education throughout the world.

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