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Tune In Time Update

By April 13, 2016Uncategorized

Primary through Middle School students have been participating in weekly “Tune in Time” this year. Wellness Specialist Erin Galbraith, mother of Helen, has been helping students learn to tune-in to their bodies and minds. The sessions help them to assess their stress levels and learn practical breathing and movement exercises to maintain optimal mental and physical health.


Erin gives an update on Tune In time: “In the last months of school, Tune In will be exploring emotion and how to recognize it both in ourselves and others. We will then be getting out the yoga mats and exploring movement through yoga and other modalities. We will also talk about Optimism, Gratitude, and Kindness. In Middle School, students are currently learning about guided meditation and will finish the year by creating a list of mindfulness/meditation techniques that they have found personally helpful and can return to when feeling scattered or stressed.”


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