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UE After School Students Learn to Create Digital Art

By February 2, 2023Uncategorized

Princeton Montessori School is partnering with award-winning author/illustrator and entrepreneur, Rashad Malik Davis, to offer a series of classes in digital art. Students will learn about: digital basics (i.e. layers, characters, animation, and digital storytelling), illustration techniques, character design and so much more!

RaMalik Illustrations is a multimedia and education-based company, focusing on themes of emotional literacy, social-emotional development, inclusion, and diverse narratives. Created and owned by Rashad Malik Davis, an award-winning author, and illustrator, RaMalik Illustrations recognizes the power of storytelling and the arts to affect social and personal change. Creative expression lies at the heart of what defines humanity.

More than that, art and storytelling provide a wealth of opportunities for economic growth and the possibility for lifelong skill development, learning, and job placement.

Muse & Machine: An Intro to Digital Art exposes students to three different digital art tracks focusing on: illustration, animation, or comic book design. Classes expose students to potential college and career paths, confidence building, public speaking experience, and hands-on professional training with an industry-conscious artist. The digital arts are the present and the future, representing careers in: the arts, entertainment, medicine, graphic design, engineering, architecture, and much, much more.

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