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A Visit from a McGill University Student

By March 4, 2020Uncategorized


The Middle School students enjoyed a presentation from Chloe Garzón, a sophomore at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and the niece of humanities teacher Kate Garzón. She spoke with the students about her major, Human Nutrition, as well as what life is like in college and the skills and work habits that are necessary for success in high school and beyond. Chloe shared pictures of the campus, talked about the variety of science and humanities classes that are offered in her faculty, and answered questions about life away from home. She emphasized time management, personal responsibility, and finding a course of study that inspires passion and curiosity as the keys to a successful transition to early adulthood.


The students were excited to hear about Chloe’s experiences, as well as her choice of a Human Nutrition major.  It was wonderful for the students to connect with someone who isn’t much older than they are, who has navigated the journey through High School to college.

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