gwen pcte

A message from Our Director, Gwen Shangle

Welcome to PCTE …the inside track to Montessori training. We offer a unique opportunity for prospective Montessori teachers to embark on an exciting new voyage: an exploration into Montessori training from the inside – inside real children’s classrooms, inside the environment filled with developmental materials so integral to Montessori philosophy, inside the Princeton Montessori School. I am proud and grateful to have the opportunity to direct the Princeton Center Teacher Education which is the Inside Track to Montessori Training.

Our PCTE students get hands-on experience inside a school that is second to none. The school has infant, toddler, preschool, elementary, middle school and adult education programs with an enrollment of approximately 220 and a staff of approximately 60 teachers. The head of school Michelle Morrison, provides the leadership, vision and executive support that makes Princeton Montessori School a very special place for children and their families. Our teaching philosophy is to empower a child to learn thus developing the whole child. By teaching academic and social skills, as well as life skills, we build the foundation for purposeful, responsible and fulfilling lives. At Princeton Montessori School we seek to ignite the innate and lifelong joy of learning.

At the Princeton Center Teacher Education we seek to instill this core belief in teaching and use the Princeton Montessori School model to set the standards for a successful and rewarding career as a Montessori-trained teacher in any school. This is the Inside Track.

PCTE continually strives to obtain the highest standards of program format and student/faculty relations. Accreditations remain current at all levels to provide our graduates with credentials that will represent them throughout the globe as the highest caliber of Montessori teacher, as well as lead to further educational degrees.  While the principles and practices of Montessori are embraced and incorporated in the instruction, the teaching also takes into account various adult learning styles.

Welcome to PCTE! It’s the Inside Track to Montessori training. Come and learn how to

- Prepare a Montessori environment
– Observe children and assess their needs
– Plan and implement programs responsive to children’s needs
– Support children’s development
– Prepare materials tailored for each developmental stage
– Communicate effectively with parents and colleagues
– Educate within the guidelines of your State
– Earn graduate credits

You are on your way to a successful and fulfilling career!