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Bookends Book Club

Upper Elementary students & parents enjoy end of year party

Book Club for students and parents

Bookends, the parent and child evening Book Club, had its last session.  Students and parents discussed and did activities around the book ‘Book Scavengers’, ending with a scavenger hunt of their own for books hidden around the school.  Everyone enjoyed book-themed snacks which even included cupcakes that needed to be unscrambled to spell out a message to the students – thanks Mrs. Meisenbacher!   In the summer all Elementary families will get a sign up for the 18-19 Bookends club; sign up right away to ensure the club continues!  Next year, Upper School teachers will take turns leading an evening of Bookends.  The elementary students will not only enjoy the books shared with their parents but also get to know the elementary and middle school staff a bit better. 

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