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July 17, 2018
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Amazing Presentations!

Faculty starts the year off learning new skills!

Faculty Goes to Class

Princeton Montessori School faculty and staff started the new year off in class! During the Inservice day, January 2, they attended a workshop:

Amazing Presentations:

Best Tech Tools for Teachers & Students to Share & Demonstrate Ideas
Presented by Kristine Scharaldi, Educational Technology Consultant

During the session they learned new ways learners and teachers can express ideas using multimedia tools. The explored current technologies that help produce engaging slide shows, visuals, and other presentations and specific applications and features to use across content areas. Kristine Scharaldi’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the faculty was introduced to many tools that they could incorporate in the classroom in terms of teaching children, and also in communicating with parents, and other adults, such as professional development and PCTE work.  It was a great way for the teachers to come together and be inspired in the new year!




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