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By March 10, 2023All Programs

Shop Online through March 19th

In-person sales ended March 10th, but you can still shop online through March 19th. Visit the homepage and click “Shop the Store” to browse a wider selection of 5000+ products! All orders ship home and every purchase benefits the school!

Thank You to our Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time at the book fair, helping to make it such a big success, especially our parent volunteers: Melissa Davis, Rowan Watson, Chloe Brown, Gina Herrara, Deepa Abi, Cynthia Hill, Maria Wimmers, Hal Friedlander, Lulin Zhong, Catherine Hilton, Liliana Post, Michele Mazeris, Shabnam Salih, Priya Chandrashekhar, Pallavi Masih, John Reuland, Binaisha Rebello, and Rachel Pereira.

Thank you to the entire community for supporting the Book Fair and Bake Sale! Thanks to you, we surpassed last year’s sales and will be able to purchase books for the school!
Congratulations to Book Fair Raffle Winners: Rowan Watson and Bernat Valldosera!

Thank You Middle School Students!

Middle School students were a great help running the fair! They read to the younger students, helped students create wishlists, and ran a successful Bake Sale to help raise money for their trip to Spain!

Round Robin Story

During their visit to the Book Fair, each class added a line to create a “Round Robin” story! Once everyone had contributed we had a funny little story to share:

On a Sunny Day in Spring,
A little green grasshopper hopped down the path and decided to go straight.
On his journey, he meets an ant, a butterfly, and a spider.
The grasshopper exclaims, “Good Afternoon fellow insects! I am on a quest, would you like to join me on my adventure?”
“Sure! Where are you going?” ” I am going to Princeton Montessori School! It’s a great place for bugs!”
So all the bugs friends headed to Princeton Montessori School.
There they made friends with the kids at school and learned about science.
In science class, they learned about plants and nutrients, and after a long day of school, they went home.

Book Character Day!

On the final day of the on-site Book Fair students were invited to come to the Book Fair Dressed as their favorite book character! Many students, and teachers, chose to join in the fun!

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