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School Spirit Day- Values!

By February 10, 2022February 11th, 2022All Programs

Every other month we join together for a Virtual School Spirit Day – a school-wide Zoom led by Mrs. VonWachenfeldt and Mr. Mitnick! Thursday, February 10, all classes gathered via Zoom for some community fun! The theme was VALUES!

The event started with Mrs. VonWachenfeldt welcoming everyone and talking about values and what values we have at home and school. We then watched a video that Mrs. VonWachenfeldt put together where she interviewed students and asked them about some of the values we share at Princeton Montessori School, including care of the environment, freedom of movement, independence, and grace and courtesy. It was fun to learn about some of our school values and how they are consistent across all programs! She then led a community-building game of Class Job Bingo! Each class had a giant bingo card with pictures of class jobs. Mrs. VonWachenfeldt drew jobs out of a mug and the students crossed off their bingo card until we had a winner!

The Zoom ended with Mr. Mitnick talking to everyone about one more value – PEACE and listening to the video of the “Power of Peace” from our school musical, “Born to Learn: The Montessori Story.” Finally, he led everyone in a Covid-style chant of the school song. It was a fun way to virtually get together for a school-wide event!

Watch the School Spirit Day celebration.

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